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Innovative, Focus, Adaptive

Expertly-designed platform to Link-up Video & People.

For You

Video Content Provider

If you can't turn viewer to customer, business doesn't exist.

As-low-as the price of an SMS to reach desired customer in graphical way.

With You

App Users

Having a reward on each video view!

Be sure to your spend time been rewarded and gets excited about it.

Ads-to-human matching

Focused area and target

Its Love


Why choose us

For Video Content Provider

What Can We Offer?

Our Services

Incremental Sales

Right ads video to right target audiences,turn them into your customers. Deliver to potential customers based on age, gender, language, area, preferences and etc.

Product Marketing

Give customers a reason to know your product. Engage users to have a complete watching of your product video.

Business Branding

Make people watch and pay attention to your ads video. Say something interesting about your business in a graphical way using an SMS price.

Save Money

Connect with brand influencers and other brands in your space. Gain traditional media coverage by sharing unique content or news

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BEANCOW PLT (202004000864)

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Landline: +60136103488

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